Bagnet Recipe


Filipinos love deep fried crispy pork with its skin on like crispy pata, lechon kawali and chicharon, this dish is no different as it uses the same concept of deep frying. These dishes might look the same but there are some subtle difference between them and usually it is the part of the meat used and the sauce that comes with it. Crispy pata uses pork leg and vinegar as a dip, chicharon uses pork skin and vinegar dip as well, lechon kawali uses pork belly cut into bite size pieces and it comes with a sweet liver gravy and bagnet uses pork belly which is usually served as a whole with a bagoong monamon (fermented anchovies) dip. These subtle differences not just exist in this dish but with other Filipino dishes as well due to the fact that the whole country is divided into 1704 islands definitely each areas will have evolved their own unique cuisines.



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